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5th European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth

Media Partnership

5th European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth will bring together medical professionals, technical specialists, researchers as well as health authorities and will become the key professional event of 2018. 

We gladly invite you to join the Congress as a Media Partner and explore scientific, networking and promotional opportunities it presents.

For media partnership please contact:
E-mail: ecardiohealth@yandex.ru


Heart Rhythm Congress

The largest heart rhythm event in the UK, Heart Rhythm Congress (HRC) provides unrivalled opportunity for health care professionals interested in the management of arrhythmias to share effective practice, showcase innovation, learn about latest developments and network with UK & international delegates.

European Medical Journal

The European Medical Journal is an independent company that annually produces a collection of open-access medical eJournals covering a variety of therapeutic areas. By combining editorials from the key opinion leaders with news coverage from the leading congresses within the medical industry, it aims to deliver ground-breaking changes and advancements in medicine.

Компания «Гарант»

"Garant" - is one of the leading information companies in Russia, the developer of the legal system GARANT and the complex of information and legal support.
The company implemented innovative solutions with the use of the latest computer technologies of the Internet, mobile devices, satellite technologies. This allows you to find the necessary legal information anywhere in the country quickly and accurately.

Медиагруппа INFOX

Mediagroup INFOX is a modern view of information dissemination technologies. The media group includes popular information projects: news site INFOX.RU - Laureate of the Runet-2009 award in the most prestigious nomination "The State and Society", news aggregator INFOX.SG - partner of more than 70 highly-visited and reputable media and thematic sites, video aggregator INFOX.TV.
Media group INFOX is included in the top 10 resources in the "News and Media" category of Rambler's rating - TOP 100. The total audience of three projects of the Media Group INFOX exceeds 9 million visitors per month.


Meds.ru is a modern and convenient online service for recording patients in private clinics and diagnostic centers in Moscow and the regions. Meds.ru project is created for people who want to get medical help from experienced and qualified doctors, quickly and efficiently.


Specialized portal for practicing doctors, medical personnel and health care workers. Latest News Health and Medicine, interviews with experts on a variety of topics from the legislative changes to the technological innovation, analysis, video reports.

Media resource Zdrav.Fom

Media resource Zdrav.Fom is a socially significant project of the Public Opinion Foundation in the field of healthcare that implements a new paradigm of social problems solving on a synergistic platform of research, crowdsourcing, digital technologies and online communications. Zdrav.Fom integrates the competencies of medical professionals, analysts, journalists and content, created by the media resource's audience (UGC).

The Mobile doctor

The Mobile doctor is a medical service via video, audio, text chat and number 8800, as well as offline visits to the partner clinics. Telemedicine platform for the medical professional's advice, available on the platforms of iOS, Android and web mobdoctor.ru. The mobile doctor is a part of Vengo Group - expertise in medicine, IT and mobile technologies.

Medical Marketing Agency  «Mediamedika»

Medical Marketing Agency «Mediamedika» publishes periodicals for postgraduate education of doctors of various specialties: journal «Consilium Medicum», applications “Consilium Medicum” – “Neurology”, “Pediatrics”, “Surgery”, “Gastroenterology”, “Diseases of the respiratory system "," Dermatology "; magazines "Polyclinic doctor's handbook", "Systemic hypertension", "Cardiosomatics", "Gynecology", "Modern Oncology", "Psychiatry and psychopharmacotherapy", "Psychiatric disorders in general medicine", "The pharmacist's guide", "Infections in surgery"; the newspaper "District therapist", "District pediatrician", "Newspaper of the Neurologist", "Diary of a psychiatrist", "Cardiogaseta", "Gastrointestinal", "Women's consultation", "Pervostolnik", "Dental Tribune"; as well as books, handbooks and methodical guides. All specialized publications are distributed free of charge.

Russian Physician

The Publishing House "Russian Physician" was established in 1995 and continues the tradition of publishing scientific and practical journals for specialists in Russia.
Such journals as: "Doctor" - the leading medical journal intended for doctors of all specialties, scientists and teachers of medical schools, "Molecular Medicine", which publishes the results of scientific researches in such areas as the study of the molecular and genetic bases of the etiology and pathogenesis of socially significant diseases with the purpose of developing new diagnostic methods and methods for effective therapy of human diseases, including on the basis of nuclear medicine technologies, "Pharmacy", which covers all issues related to the theory and practice of modern pharmaceutics, the technology of manufacturing medicines, obtaining and researching medicines, "Sports Medicine: Science and Practice" is the first Russian specialized scientific and practical publication in the field of sports medicine and anti-doping support of sports, "Medical Sister", "Questions of Biological, Medical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry" are recommended by the VAK and are included in the Scientific Electronic Library and occupy the leading position in the index of scientific citation.

Врачи Вместе

"VrachiVmeste.ru (Doctors United) is an educational social network for doctors. The web portal editors have prepared over 2500 exclusive educational videos for different medical specialists. The video archive includes recorded conference reports on vital topics, video-lectures by Russian and foreign PhDs in medicine, documentaries and interviews on relevant medical issues. Our web portal regularly holds webinars which provides you with a unique opportunity to ask questions on-line. VrachiVmeste.ru encourages knowledge exchange, professional communication, and forming new occupational contacts. Feel free to join us!"
Learn more about VrachiVmeste.

Medical alphabet

"Medical alphabet" is a thematic series of scientific and practical peer-reviewed medical journals (in the VAK List): "Neurology and psychiatry", "Practical gastroenterology", "Stomatology", "Hospital - everything for health facilities", "Emergency medicine", "Epidemiology and Hygiene", "Modern laboratory", "Cardiology", "Modern gynecology", "Diagnostics and oncotherapy", "Modern Polyclinic", "Modern functional diagnostics", "Arterial hypertension". Published since 2002.



  • a catalog of medical institutions in Russia and abroad with current and reliable information;
  • medical news of the country and the world, materials about sports and beauty, interviews with specialists;
  • poster of medical events and conferences;
  • a medical reference book with common diseases, symptoms of illnesses, methods of diagnosis and treatment;
  • service for online doctor's appointment in Moscow and St. Petersburg, with convenient filtering, rating, qualifications and feedback on each of more than 9000 specialist
  • daily replenishing base of shares, discounts, and special offers in the field of medicine, beauty and health.

On our portal you will find everything about medicine and even more.

Издательский дом «АБВ-пресс»

“ABV Press” publishing house is a specialized publisher releasing periodical scientific and reference literature, guidelines, web sites devoted to problems in oncological diseases, questions in current urology, oncological urology, oncological gynecology, breast oncology, oncological hematology, oncological proctology, and other medical fields.

Journal of Telemedicine and e-Health

"Journal of Telemedicine and e-Health"
Scientific-practical, peer-reviewed publication. Its main goal is to inform scientists, health organizers, practicing doctors about the real possibilities of application and about the effectiveness of various information and communication systems in medicine.


The “Polyclinic” has been published since 1999. It’s oriented on general managers and all doctors. There are: information about legislative and normative documents in the field of health protection; practical medicine and science news; specialists consultations; articles about new medicals, medical techniques and radiology diagnosis, physiotherapeutic cure ways.

Who is Who in medicine

Who is Who in medicine, the Federal trade magazine The magazine provides multilateral dialogue on a program implementation of health care, development of modern medical technologies, enhancement of organizational activities, search of effective innovative solutions, serves as the tool in personnel policy strengthening reputation and stimulating the best employees providing progress and professional success of domestic medicine. Read articles of the colleagues and join dialogue on www.ktovmedicine.ru


“Remedium” Group of Companies renders the whole range of services for specialists in the field of medicine and pharmaceutics. For years the principle directions of activity of “Remedium” , «Rossiiskie apteki», «Meditsinskiy Sovet» «Ambulatory surgery», «Aterotromboz» Group of Companies are publication of particularized periodicals, assignment of electronic databases, arrangement and implementation of measures, rent-a-rep service, organization of advertisement and PR support.