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5th European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth


eCardiology and eHealth

Digital health will have a great impact on the way doctors and medical professionals work or interact between themselves and with their patients. New tools and data will change our daily professional activities.
This congress aims to contribute to a successful translation from research and development to clinical application by bringing the various stakeholders together. Clinicians will learn how to apply the most important tools in eCardiology and eHealth to improve their daily work for the benefit of their patients, whilst researchers, technicians, industry partners, health authorities and regulators, alike, will learn from clinicians what their real needs are.

Website: www.e-cardiohealth.com

Sechenov University

Sechenov University sets the top-standard of quality in medical education, research and clinical activities.
The University consists of 7 faculties, 144 departments, Institute of Professional Education, Sechenov University branch in Baku (Azerbaijan), 5 Research Institutes, 25 Scientific & Educational Clinical Centers, Simulation Center with Virtual Hospital “Mentor Medicus”, Surgical Skills Simulation Center “Praxi Medica”, Central Scientific Medical Library with 22 multi-field hospitals. The University maintains partnerships with different foreign universities and organizations. Students have an opportunity to do internships/clerkships in international clinics.
Main areas of research – Molecular Medicine, Personalized Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Pharmacy, Translational Medicine.

Website: www.sechenov.ru

Project 5-100

Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University is one and only medical school taking part in Project 5-100.
The presidential decree as of May 7, 2012 № 599 prescribes that by 2020 at least five Russian universities should feature in the TOP 100 of global university rankings.
The main results expected of Project 5-100 by 2020 are that Russia will have a group of leading contemporary universities with an effective management structure, and a strong international academic reputation, which meets global development trends and can quickly adapt to global changes.

Website: www.5top100.ru

Russian Society of Cardiology

The all-Russian non-governmental organization "Russian Society of Cardiology" is an association of medical specialists involved in research, training and practical work in the sphere of Cardiology and allied disciplines as well as specialists developing new medical technologies and drugs for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular patients, and also those developing fundamental and applied principles of Environmental Cardiology including Radiological Cardiology.
Russian Society of Cardiology makes every effort to support the development of Russia healthcare system.

Website: www.scardio.ru